We're glad and proud to present you our debut Album, which has been completely composed, recorded, mixed and released between friends.

Thanks to our friends from labels who help releasing this album, we've decided to make it downloadable for free. You can make a donation to support the band or you can buy a cd or lp to those labels to support them !

All these DIY-labels are composed of passionated people who make their best to help bands like us to release their music.

Once more, many thanks to them and to people who've helped us in any way they could, by helping us recording our music, by making a gig for us, by hosting us in their sweet home or just by making us spend so many good moments on the road.

Judicaël, Julien, Pierre-Mathieu, Steve et Vincent.
lp Kazan 'Maslow 0' 2010

Booklet 16 pages
with lyrics and translations

300 copies

Available at :
Dream Comes True
Impure Muzik
Monkey Cookie
Radical Dreamers
We told you to play fast

impure muzik  we told you to play fast  emotionally unstable  dream comes true  maloka  Octarine  radical dreamers  orchidscent  money cookie